Thursday, September 4, 2008

The most liberal newspaper in the US rewrites the record of Sarah Palin, who knew?

The most liberal leftwing newspaper in the United States, the New York Times investigates Sarah Palin as an elected official in Alaska.

After listing several hearsay stories of gossip character they get to the meat and substance of the Palin record.

There is a long rant in the NYT article about books in the library, but the rant ends with no conclusion or even a fact to stand on and no person is  interested in talking to NYT about it.

In an attempt to make Palin appear silly the NYT reports on the sports complex that Sarah Palin pushed to develop at a cost of $15 million, and how she saved the taxpayers money by lowering her salary by $4,000. The NYT fail to mention the nearly $500 million of costs that she vetoed and saved for the taxpayers as a governor, they wont mention that she got rid of the governors business jet, she sold it on Ebay, and she got rid of the private chef for the governors mansion, and that she stopped collecting gas tax to help the taxpayers.  The article is written with the sole intention to miscredit the republican VP candidate Sarah Palin since all facts that speak on her behalf is intentionally left out, but negative rumor like gossip is used while there is at the same time nothing to sustantiate the rumors.

It is no secret that the NYT support the democrats and have always done so and its no secret that the swedish daily Dagens Nyheter who is republishing the NYT article is also supporting the democrats over the republicans no matter who the candidates are. Thats why a gallup in Sweden showed that 72 % thinks that the media favors socialists over other political parties, as seen above.

Here is a lesson for the Swedish reader, don't trust the media that is biased, even if it's a large news paper. As long as they don't report the truth or withhold important facts which is the same as lying, you just can't trust them and you need to look elsewhere for objective facts and news.

The NY Times had many problems with journalist plagiarism. Many articles that were copied from other news media. Some of the journalists and editors were fired. DN DN AB SVD

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